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1. In direct accordance with the governing policies,terms and conditions of Fil-Rise Consumer Goods Trading, I affix my signature and give my consent in this filled-out form as my formal and voluntary application to be a Member and an Independent Distributor of their products.
2. I am fully aware that the effectivity of my Distributorship is on the date that I fully paid the Membership Account Package and on the date that this Agreement is accepted by Fil-Rise Consumer Goods Trading.
3. As a Distributor of the company, I am privileged to participate in the sales and distributions of the company’s goods, receive bonuses and commissions in accordance with the Company’s Compensation Plan.
4. As an independent Distributor, I am not an employee of the company and should not be treated with compensation. I am not also an Agent and therefore not entitled to demand from the company any allowances and incentives but only upon the discretion of the company based on my distributorship performance.
5. I am fully aware of the exact amount of the Membership Account I bought from Fil-Rise and the worth of product inclusions therein which is half the amount I paid and the other half is the Membership fee for the account(s) I own under my name and I willingly agree with this.
6. As an independent Distributor,my involvement of Buying and Selling Fil-Rise products are subjuect to the Company’s policies,rules and regulations.Any commission I may earn is based on the company’s compensation plan and I am fully aware that mere payment of the Membership package is not a qualification to receive a corresponding commission already but by doing retail sales, repurchases and by developing distributors.
7. f I became inactive for about 2 years,it is within the Company’s discretion to revoke my membership but subject to renewal if again I pay the Renewal Membership Package of the same amount as the original Membership Package.
8. As a member and a distributor of Fil-Rise, it is my duty and responsibility to uphold its name and standards to the highest value possible and any acts that might put the Company’s reputation and name in jeopardy will be subjected to legal sanctions for damages against me and for any just compensation in favor to the company.
9. As an independent distributor and member, I cannot use the name of Fil-Rise to guarantee any loans and personal undertakings to my own favor without the knowledge of the company and its consent. I will be held liable to indemnify the company if I commit such act as to legal charges,attorney’s fees or to any expenses and payments incurred by the company in relation to this prohibited act.
10. The Company shall have the right to hold, deduct and offset from any commisions, incentives and any other money payable to me for all my unpaid purchases, cash advances, past dues and any money I owed to the Company. of these goods.
11. I understand that the Company has the right at any time to make changes in its marketing plans, policies, strategies, terms and agreements and still I am bound to follow all for the welfare of the Company and all its members.
12. I certify that I read all of the above written terms and conditions. I fully understand each statement and that I agree to abide by and be bound by every term written herein.
Acknowledging and exercising my rights under Republic Act # 10173 otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act and its implementing Rules and Regulations, I hereby give my consent to FIL-RISE. and its branches/hubs, units, agents, authorized representatives, representative offices, affiliates, subsidiaries, and accredited third-party partners, counterparties, and service providers to process, use and share among themselves the personal information written or encoded on this membership application/registration form, as well as information obtained in the course of my transaction with FIL-RISE. its branches/hub, or units in relation to my membership, or obtained from the third parties for purpose of member identification, risk profiling/assessment, product development and improvement, market research, communications relevant to the transaction made with the company and exercise of function as a member, compliance with SEC rules and regulations, other Rules and Regulations and such other purposes as may be allowed by law.
By clicking the tick box, I constitute my written, express, specific informed consent for any transfer, disclosure or storage, including cloud storage, of my name, address, contact details, account balances and numbers, and other relevant information by and among FIL-RISE. and/or its branches/hubs, units, agents, authorized representatives, representative offices, affiliates, subsidiaries, and accredited third-party partners, counterparties, and service providers.
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